Notes/Domino Fix List
SPR # RCCYBBQMRJFixed in 11.0.1; 10.0.1 FP6 release

Product Area: Client Technical Area: iCal Platform: Cross Platform

SPR# RCCYBBQMRJ - Notes - iCalendar - Fixed an issue with calendaring interoperability with non-Domino platforms using iCalendar can be "noisy" when adding non-Domino users to a repeating meeting after it has been created. The core C&S logic was updated to be smarter in generating and sending after the fact invites for repeating meetings. Instead of sending one invite per instance, even if none had changed, Notes will now generate a more tailored set of messages to the new invitee to bring them in sync with the current state of the repeating meeting on the Notes users Calendar.

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Last Modified on 05/04/2023

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